Sunday, October 16, 2011

Here is the Synopsis from Karen's Facebook Page:

Ember has been accepted into the mage academy, but not without cost. She has gained a new enemy, ancient and dark, whose entire purpose is to destroy all white magic and her along with it. After nearly losing her life in a brutal attack, DeMunth is assigned her guardian, and the keystone he wears, The Armor of Light, begins the transition that will make it a true power.

Kayla has lost most everything of importance to her—the people, the prestige, and all she fought for the past ten years. With nothing left to lose, she continues her search for the birthplace of The Sapphire Flute and the Wolfchild she believes to be its player. Her journey will take her to strange, foreign, and often dangerous places, and everything she had thought to be true will be proven wrong.

In a showdown full of betrayal and heroic loss, Ember and Kayla finally meet on the battlefield, fighting a war on two fronts—against C'Tan and her people, and the mysterious enemy bent on destroying all magic—the shadow weavers.

The story is full of power, betrayal, hope, and love. The elements of the universe are coming together, and none can know who will stand in the end.

The Armor of Light picks up where The Sapphire Flute ends--with a world on the brink of destruction and one girl with the power to unite the magical forces that can save it. 

Just like the first book, AoL is told from the POV of three different women.  Ember has to learn how to control her potentially dangerous powers.  She has been accepted at the Mage Academy, but who is qualified to teach her.  And what will she do about the undercover traitors in her midst?  Can she trust anyone?

Kayla is learning how to use the Sapphire Flute.  She attracts the attention of Sarali's handsome brother, much to Brandt's dismay.  She is disgusted by the two men's attempts to win her heart.  There are some hilarious moments as they fight over her.  Kayla also has some lessons she has to learn the hard way, and the cost is devastating.  Will she ever recover from the mistakes she has made?

C'Tan, the villain is so deliciously tortured. She is a myriad of contradictions and that makes her such a compelling character. She is determined to destroy Ember and all who stand with her and to gain control of the keystones for her evil master. She has sent spies to the Mage Academy.  Will they remain loyal to her?  Will they be discovered?  Will her master continue to turn a blind eye to her failures?

DeMunth becomes a knight in shining armor--literally--charged with the responsibility of protecting Ember.  He doesn't seem to mind his new job, in fact, you'll have to read to find out just how much he enjoys it. (wink, wink)

The story moves forward at an exciting pace.  There are scary bad guys, action scenes, romance, friendship, betrayal, heart breaks, monsters, true love...(Is this a kissing book?) Everything I look for in a novel. 

Karen is a master of Character.  From the first page of the Sapphire Flute, I felt a connection with the people I was reading about.  Truthfully, I procrastinated reading for the last few days because I knew I was getting close to the end.

So, to sum up, if you haven't become a fan of the Wolfchild Saga, what are you waiting for?

Thank-you , Karen for letting me preview this book.  It is fantastic.