Friday, November 15, 2013

Timeless Romance European Collection

Short stories aren't typically my thing. They are often unsatisfying, and usually have sad endings. And who am I kidding? I want to read a romance. That is why I have come to love the Timeless Romance Anthologies. Each story is the perfect length for a bubble bath or before bedtime read. The authors are all amazing at creating characters that I connect with, and after an hour sigh contentedly as they've fallen in love.
I particularly like this collection. Historical vacation stories. There is a sweet and humorous story about a married couple. A suspenseful battle in Finland, a delicious Venetian masquerade ball, a heartbroken earl, a New York socialite, and a Regency marriage of convenience.
What more could a girl want?


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A dream come true? Maybe not.

Wow. Seriously, WOW.

 It finally happened.

After nearly two years, and rejection after rejection, someone actually said, “Yes!”
A publisher is interested in my book. They sent a contract and everything.  So, being the responsible writer that I am, I looked into them. (After I did my crazy happy spazz dance and Facebooked my friends)  
The first thing I did was check out their site. Pretty covers, nice priced books, they sell on Amazon, and in Brick and Mortar stores, good, good… 

Now I moved to check the Preditors and Editors website.  This is where things started to go bad.  The site actually uses the words “strongly do not recommend.” There are complaints against them, and even a lawsuit filed by a group of their authors. Claims of failure to pay royalties, rude editors, an inability to get a hold of anyone at the company when an author has a question, the list goes on…

Then we have the contract that my husband and friend, Nancy had to explain to me. A few things in it don’t really jive. They are worded in such a way that it seems unlikely that I’ll have to worry, but…I could end up paying a whole lot of money for their mistakes.

So, what do I do? Jump in, hope that the fact that they love my book is enough to keep me from running into any problems? Or back out, even though I have no other offers, and potentially never will?

I am totally sick about this. I still don't know what I'm going to do...But it's part of the journey, right? RIGHT?