Monday, August 20, 2018

All the things--all at once

Lots and lots of books are close to release...

 For some reason--well, I know the reason, it's because I'm working with multiple publishers, and their schedules-- it always happens this way. All these things are scheduled to come out at once. 

So, first up, in just a week, on September 1, The Shipbuilder's Wife will be released. This is the second in the War of 1812 Series. It deals with the burning of Washington, the battle of Ft. McHenry, and of course, there's a romance...Lydia Prescott made a brief appearance in the last book, now she's the star. 

The Queen's Ball comes out in October. So, since it's a Victorian collection, the Queen is Queen Victoria. I was so excited to visit her summer home on the Isle of Wight last year, and so that's where my story is based. 

Then, next up, we have this book that I wrote years and years ago that finally found a home at The Wild Rose Press. I am so happy about it. It's a contemporary suspense romance, and it takes place in Ireland.

And last, but not least is this Christmas collection that Covenant is putting out. I love all these authors and their stories are so darling. 
Since Covenant hasn't officially released the cover yet, I'm just showing you a little bit of it. 

Another thing that's happening in October is the Utah RWA Reader's Luncheon. It's seriously one of the best events of the year. It's so fun to connect with readers. The speaker will be amazing, and we have a fun lunch, games, and all the authors bring swag. So, win win win. 

So phew! That's the latest, and this fall is going to be a whirlwind!!