Saturday, August 26, 2017

All the things

So many things are happening, so let me give you the lowdown...

In just a few days, Miss Leslie's Secret is released. This story is about a war veteran who returns to Scotland to find his home and family gone--not an uncommon thing during this time period. The Highland Clearances destroyed the clans' culture that was such a part of Scotland. Conall meets a woman, Aileen Leslie, who is the beekeeper for the area. She has a naughty red-haired little boy, and a secret.


Miss Leslie's Secret is the last book I plan to write in the Regency genre for a while, so it is sort of a bittersweet story for me. BUT, not to fear, I have great plans ahead. I'm turning my thoughts across the sea to the good ol' USA, and working on a series about the War of 1812. So, same time period, but now, the British are the bad guys.

The first book in that series will come out April of 2018. And it has a lovely cover which I'm not allowed to show yet. But seriously, it's lovely. And I'm way excited to do something new.

Also, I did a story for the Timeless Regency Victorian Collection. It's called Falling in Rome (see what I did there?) And it's about a professor of ancient history, Professor Kendrick, and woman who is a chaperone for some young ladies on their Grand Tour. Eleanor Doyle loves history and even speaks Latin (gasp--for this time, that was unheard of.) They're nerdy and wonderful and I think their story is super fun. The cover is great, and I am so lucky to be in a compilation with these other fantastic authors.

Also, this fall, Covenant is putting out a Regency Christmas compilation that I'm lucky to be part of--I'm not allowed to show that cover yet. They like to do cover reveals. I can however, show you this little chunk of the cover:

Writing a Christmas story was so fun. I loved learning about the cute traditions of the time. I might do more of those in the future.

And last, but not least, The Wild Rose Press has accepted a book I wrote about Ireland. It's a contemporary suspense, and there's a mystery and IRA terrorists and all sorts of stuff.

I have bunches and bunches of speaking engagements and signings in the next few months. I don't know why they all come up at once, but I'll be busy for a little while, and I'd love to see friends at them. They get really awkward when nobody comes...

Here's a link to all the stuff coming up: