Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nourish and Strengthen

I got the chance to review Maria Hoagland's book, Nourish and Strengthen. 

Here's the synopsis from her website:

Taylor has the perfect life: a model’s figure, a husband who adores her, three healthy children. So why does she feel so much less than perfect?

After losing forty pounds, Chloe Taylor is finally happy with her body. What she doesn’t realize is that she’s not the one in control.

When Chloe is called as the Primary president, she discovers that managing the highs and lows of a chronic illness may be easier than the ups and downs associated with family, friends, and church callings. Consumed by her own challenges, Chloe fails to recognize the issues her friends are facing and is in danger of losing their friendship.

As Chloe strives to develop Christ-like love for herself and those around her, she learns that outer appearances are far less important than inner peace and spiritual strength. But is she strong enough to face her most difficult trial yet?

Maria does a fantastic job of describing the struggles of a Latter-Day Saint woman as she learns to handle the added challenge of diabetes to her already busy life.  This book resonated with me because as a mother and a woman, I face so many of the same insecurites: body image, comparing myself to others, trying to do my calling in a way that I feel is right, balanced with the ever pressing need to make others happy. 

The book covers a year in this young mother's life.  By the end, Chloe has gotten stronger.  She is able to cope with her disease and develop a more understanding heart toward people who seem to constantly make her life harder. 

I really like Maria's writing.  There are many sweet as well as hilarious moments with Chloe's kids, giving a good balance to the more serious struggles that she and her friends are dealing with.  I learned so much about diabetes and the daily challenge it is.  It is a great book for any woman.  Very uplifting.  I really enjoyed it.  Thanks, Maria for letting me review it!

Here's her info:
Smashwords for all eBook versions: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/93675
Createspace for paperback version: https://www.createspace.com/3647471


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