Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Two Souls Are Better Than One

Here's the blurb:

Jeremy James Johansen has more than his share of problems. His father has disappeared without a trace, he’s just been suspended from school, and he has the ghost of a dead mage sharing his body. His search for answers will take him across the boundaries of reality, and into another world—a world that has invaded his own small town.           

Christmas morning.  All the presents were unwrapped, the children blissfully playing with new toys, and I decided it would be the perfect time to start Karen Hoover's new book. 

Flash forward four hours.  I am still reading.  Thirteen relatives have arrived to share the wonderful meal that I forgot to put into the oven and I am telling my husband to feed everyone and leave me alone so I can read.

The book seriously sucked me in.  Much like J.J. was sucked into the body of an aged wizard in another world.  See how I did that?  Now that I have brilliantly transitioned into my review, I'll tell you how much I enjoy Karen's writing.  I said the same thing when I reviewed her Wolf Child book.  She is amazing when it comes to character.  I felt a connection with the characters from the first few pages.  I could read dialog and know who was speaking without any tags.  This takes serious talent and Karen has it!

I could imagine reading this book aloud.  It is told in the POV of the main character who is a teenager.  He is hilarious.  I love his character.  I loved the story and every time I thought I knew what was going to happen, I was completely surprised.  The ending was satisfying and at the same time not predictable. 

I would totally recommend this book  for anyone--especially a teen reader.  They would love it.
Great Job, Karen!

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  1. That. Was. Awesome! ROFL!!! Tell your relatives, I'm sorry, but woo hoo that you couldn't stop reading! Thanks for the awesome review, Jenny!