Monday, January 23, 2012

Mist Warriors by Rebecca Shelley

Here's the blurb:
The mist on Lake Tahoe holds powerful and dangerous secrets. When Robby's sister vanishes into the mist, Robby follows and finds himself entangled in an ancient struggle between magical foes. Only courage and loyalty can bring him and his sister out alive. Recommended ages 10 and up.

First of all, take a look at that cover--cool, right?  This is so important to a kid.  They don't want to look like they are reading a baby book, or worse--a girl book.  So, before you even open it, perfect for a pre-teen or young teenager.

I loved this book.  The story was fun and exciting and unexpected.  All the things I look for in a YA book.  The characters were great.  Some were funny and bumbling, some were evil, some were brave.  There was just enough romance to be interesting to a young girl, but not so much that it was a huge part of the story.  That would turn my boys off for sure.

My favorite character, by far, was a young kid from the faerie kingdom, Greenleaf.  He seemed to be the character who went through the most as far as character development and conflict.  While Robby and Ellen are sort of the main characters when the book starts, Greenleaf is the one who will capture your heart because of the things he goes through in the story. 

The whole book is presented in a way that is completely appropriate for kids about 10 and up.  And younger if they are good enough readers.  It is funny in a way that is appealing to kids.  There were a few parts that I was sure my boys would die laughing at.  And it touches on some issues like being accepted and believing in yourself in such a perfect way for this age group. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I know my kids and any kids and adults will, too!  Five stars!  Bravo, Rebecca Shelley!

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  1. I haven't heard of this one - adding it to the list. Just found you through Ali's blog - can't wait to get to know you better. New follower :)