Monday, May 7, 2012

Million Dollar Diva

So, as the oldest daughter of an enteprenuer and CEO of his own company, learning about finances was nothing new to me. I've basically had that stuff drilled into my brain my entire life. As I picked up Tristi's book, I quickly discovered, however that Million Dollar Diva was different than all of the multitudes of self-help tapes, financial seminars, investment planning, and various other money-management tools that I've been exposed to throughout the years.

Tristi takes us along in her back pocket as she visits with a financial planner in an attempt to figure out a debt-consolidation strategy. 

Instead of just giving her advice, or a plan, she is given tools and taught the theory behind the principles of wealth, interest and debt.

I was prepared for a boring finance 101 class, but I was pleased to discover that, as this book was written for women, the authors addressed the basic  emotions behind money.  As a woman, this made total sense to me. There is a certain euphoria that comes from a new purchase, as well as an overwhelming sick feeling that debt brings.  Bills and money matters don't only affect us mathematically, the feelings that money brings along with it bleed over into every aspect of our lives--marriage, health, spirituality, etc.

Million Dollar Diva is an empowering book.  I am so impressed with Trist's openness and willingness to lay it all out.  The yucky humiliation of debt and the hopelessness it brings with it, are all exposed as she shows step by step how she makes a goal to dig her way out. Once a plan is in place, we feel empowered along with Tristi as she starts to make a plan, and learns how to implement it.

I recommend Million Dollar Diva to any woman, whether you are just starting out in life, or trying to figure out how to build a nest egg.

Tristi is offering her book free on her website:  You just pay the shipping.  See, you're making good financial decisions already.  This offer is only good until June 15, so if you want it after then, here is the link to buy it:

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