Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Love those bad boys!

It's been a "Wild West" sort of week for me, and it's made me think as I read these two books...Why do we know all the bad guys' names, and hardly any of the good guys? Why are the outlaws so much more interesting than the regular people that just go about their lives perfectly legally, not hurting anyone in the process?
It must have been then, like it is now, we just love those bad boys, don't we?
Stacy Henrie's book is so fun and sweet enough that you wouldn't have to worry about giving it to your daughter--or your granny. It's a fun twist to have the heroine be the outlaw. It has some great romance, some real life-lessons for the heroine, and by the end, I was completely in love with the hero. And that's what we want, right? 
Then, I read a non-fiction book about the same time period, same places, and found that it kept my attention every bit as much as the romance. Kathy Gordon's book is completely fascinating. I loved hearing about the "gentlemen" outlaws. Their stories, their planned bank robberies, escapes, hideouts, all of it was written in such a way that I found myself swept away in the world of the wild west, just as much as with a novel. There were great pictures, too. Which I think is absolutely the most fun thing--to see what the baddies looked like. Talk about a perfect Father's Day gift.
I think the love of the outlaws and their legends is in my blood. This is a picture of my grandpa, on his family farm in Mexico. On the back of the original, his mom had written "Pancho Villa." Pretty cute, don't ya think? I guess even back then, the banditos were the guys kids imitated.

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